Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Grand Central Terminal located?

Grand Central Terminal is located at 89 E. 42nd Street at Park Avenue in New York, NY.

There are also entrances at 42nd Street at Vanderbilt Avenue, Vanderbilt Avenue at 43rd Street, 45th Street between Vanderbilt Avenue and Madison Ave, Lexington Avenue at 43rd Street, 48th Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue, 47th Street at Madison Avenue, and the east and west sides of 230 Park Avenue.

When is Grand Central Terminal open?

The building is open to the public 5:30am-2:00am daily. Click here for shop and restaurant hours. Click here for tour hours.

Is there parking available?

There are a number of public parking garages located close to the Terminal. Click here for a map highlighting local garages and their contact information.

How do I get there?

Grand Central Terminal is accessible by subway, bus, train, and airport shuttle. Please click here for more information on these modes of travel. Please click here for directions from your location.

Does Grand Central have a place to store luggage?

No. There are no luggage storage services at Grand Central. Please plan ahead if you are arriving with baggage.

What accommodations are made for visitors with disabilities?

The Terminal is accessible to visitors with disabilities. It has public elevators and ramps to help visitors get around without the use of stairs. Please check our directory for exact locations. The Terminal does not provide wheelchair rental at this time.

Are there public restrooms in Grand Central?

There are public restrooms located in the Lower Level of Grand Central Terminal. Also, there is an additional ladies room located in the Station Master’s Office in the upper level. Please check our directory for exact locations.

I lost an item. How do I contact Lost and Found?

Dial 511 (877-690-5114 from Connecticut)
Say "Metro-North Railroad” then:
LOST AND FOUND: Say “More Options” then “Lost and Found”

Before visiting the Lost & Found, please fill out this online form to help personnel assist you with your request.

Please find the Lost & Found office inside Grand Central Terminal on the Lower Level next to Track 100.

Am I permitted to bring my pet in the building?

You may bring your pet in the building as long as they are on a leash or in a container or cage.

Am I permitted to bring my bike in the building?

You may bring your bike in the building, but you may NOT ride or park it in the Terminal. To bring your bike on Metro-North trains, you would need to purchase a bike permit at the ticket windows. Click here for more information about the Bike and Ride program.

I am bringing a group to Grand Central. What should we do when we’re there?

How do I find out about track changes, train information, and other Metro-North related issues?

Please visit or contact Metro-North Railroad Customer Service and Information at (212) 532-4900.

You can also download the MTA Metro-North Train Time App for Apple and Android.

If I want to take pictures in Grand Central, would I need a permit?

Anyone is free to take pictures inside Grand Central. However, if you will be using professional equipment like a tripod, you will need to get a permit through Metro-North's Corporate & Public Affairs Department. Please contact Meredith Conti at (212) 340-4825 or via e-mail at Please allow one week minimum advance notice or more, depending on the scope of your request.

There may be additional licensing and fee requirements if you will be using the photographs for a commercial purpose.

Can you travel to to the surrounding airports from Grand Central?

Yes. Taxis are available at the Grand Central Partnership taxi stand located on the northwest corner of 43rd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue. The stand is staffed 7:00am to 8:00pm on weekdays and 10am to 8am on weekends.

Shuttle buses travel to all major surrounding airports every half hour departing from 41st Street between Park Avenue & Lexington Avenue. Visit for more information if you are traveling to JFK or La Guardia airports. Visit for more information if you are traveling to Newark Liberty International Airport.

I am interested in renting event space in Grand Central. How can I obtain more information?

For an immediate response, please fill out and submit the Event Request Form.
Call our event line at (212) 340-3404 for all event inquiries. Please allow 2-3 days to receive a return call.

How do I become a vendor at your Holiday Gift Fair?

Applications are posted to the homepage around April every year. Applications are typically due in early June. Join the Inside Track e-mail list to stay up-to-date.

How do I lease retail space within Grand Central?

Please e-mail Mitch Friedel at or call 212.372.0719 for all retail leasing inquiries.

How do I rent Kiosks at Grand Central?

Please click here to submit an application for Kiosk rentals.

If I want to advertise in Grand Central, who would I contact?

The ads you see in the Main Concourse and other walls of the Terminal are managed by Outfront Media and can be reached at (212) 297-6400 by asking for sales.

For all additional inquiries...

For all additional inquiries, please call the Station Master’s Office at 212-340-2583. For further information about retail and events at Grand Central Terminal, please contact or call 212-340-2345.