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Christina Stankard Jewelry

Christina started her career as a painter and has brought that sensibility to her jewelry. Her focus is on unusual gemstones and color paired with modest elegant design. She hand picks each gemstone, and each piece is handmade in her Brooklyn studio. Christina has shown her work extensively in galleries & specialty shops around the country, as well as in her own seasonal store in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Fego Gioielli

Melissa Fego grew up in an artistic family in NY.  Although she spent years making jewelry in her spare time, Melissa decided to pursue a career in finance. After attaining her M.B.A., she worked more than a decade in the financial industry.  Pulled to pursue her passion, Melissa launched Fego Gioielli (‘Gioielli’ means jewelry in Italian), a nod to her Italian heritage & creative roots.  The FG collection offers distinctively designed, handcrafted statement jewelry using only the finest natural and rare gemstones immersed in shimmering silver & gold. Made in NYC

Jet Set Candy

Jet Set Candy’s line of travel-inspired jewelry captures the essence of favorite and far-flung destinations with style and wit. The collection features almost 70 countries and includes charms, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings in sterling silver, gold vermeil and solid gold. At the heart of the range are more than 200 luggage tag charms that bear international airport codes and design elements unique to the country.

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate

Neuhaus, the inventor of the praline, stands for superior quality and timeless elegance since 1857. The Maître Chocolatier creates exquisite chocolates using outstanding ingredients and drawing on its master craftsmanship, experience and passion. Our chocolates are authentically Belgian, still made in Belgium and are made with the best non-GMO ingredients. Many of our iconic chocolates are still made by hand and prepared according to original recipes.

Ronnie NYC

Ronnie has been designing and hand making her own, one-of-a-kind pieces for over a decade.   She is particularly inspired by the art deco style.  She considers the gems themselves as well as what her clients have been drawn to when putting together her collections, which are so diverse that one might not even believe the same designer was responsible for them all.

Sara Designs NYC

From its origin in NYC, Sara Designs has quickly become known for combining high-quality craftsmanship with an inspiring use of intricate details and bold coloring on their watches and accessories.

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