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Murray's Cheese

Phone (212) 922-1540
Hours Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm
Sat: 10am - 7pm
Sun: 11am - 6pm
Location Grand Central Market
A New York City staple since 1940, Murray’s Cheese offers more than 250 types of cheese from all over the world, from classic European tommes to new artisan American finds.  Located in Grand Central Market, their cheesemongers are thrilled to satisfy your cravings by way of attentive one-on-one service, complete with free tastes before you buy.  Whether you’re a cheese beginner or a stinky cheese aficionado, you’ll find cheese for appetizers, desserts, and all your cooking needs. Murray’s also has an wide selection of salamis, prosciuttos, fresh dairy and gourmet pantry staples like honey, olive oil, crackers and nuts. 

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Introducing: Murray's Charcuterie

Murray’s is excited to announce the launch of our very own charcuterie line! In true Murray’s fashion, this selection of cured artisanal meats have been made according to old-school methods requiring the utmost in care, experience and skill. 

Murray’s Prosciutto di Parma –Meticulously selected pork legs, trimmed then hand-rubbed with sea salt and aged for at least 20 months in fresh Parma air for tons of richness. Sliced 3oz Package: $9.99  

Murray’s Genoa Salami – Heritage pork raised on open pastures is seasoned with white pepper and a bit of fresh garlic, then slow-aged to perfection. Sliced 4oz Package: $4.99, Whole Salami: $14.99

Murray’s Calabrese – Pasture-raised heritage pork infused with Sangiovese wine and a spicy cayenne & paprika kick. Sliced 4oz Container: $8.99, Whole Salami: $14.99

Murray's Sopressata - Heritage breed pork, garlic and black peppercorns, lovingly slow-aged for giant, righteous flavor. Sliced 4oz Package: $8.99, Whole Salami: $14.99

Murray's Speck: Northern Italian pork, dry cured and smoked with juniper, thyme, sage, and fennel seeds. Sweet and smoky, aged in crisp Alpine air. Sliced 3oz Package: $9.99