Filming & photography

Thank you for your interest in holding a film or photography shoot in Grand Central Terminal!

The MTA and Metro-North Railroad allow external parties to temporarily use Grand Central Terminal for small and self-contained film and photography shoots upon execution of the Grand Central Terminal Still Photography/Film Permit Application (“Permit”). This website provides information about applying for the Permit, contacting us for general inquiries, and an online version of the Permit to file your request.

Before filing the online Permit, we recommend contacting an MTA Filming & Events representative using the General Inquiry form to discuss the particular details of your request, including the specific location within Grand Central Terminal you wish to use, the nature of your proposed shoot, date and time availability, and intended use of the imagery. After discussing an overview of your project, you can file the Permit on this website to request the temporary use of the space. The Permit must be filed at least five (5) business days prior to the requested date, but more advance notice is often recommended as Permits are processed on a first-come first-served basis. Note: MTA/Metro-North cannot guarantee review of any Permits filed with less than five (5) business days’ advance notice.

A non-refundable $250 application filing fee is applied to all Permits—there are no exceptions. The non-refundable $250 filing fee is separate from any licensing fees for a commercial use, which shall be discussed with an MTA Filming & Events representative.

For license inquiries for commercial use, please use the General Inquiry form found here and include specific details of your planned use and duration.

Once the online Permit is filed, the review process will officially begin for your proposed request and you will be contacted by an MTA Filming & Events representative.

Additional information about the application process and required documents are available on the application page, or by clicking one of the links below:

Looking to hold a larger-scale film or photography production in Grand Central Terminal? Please visit Filming on MTA Property for more information.  

Are you a member of the press? Please visit MTA Media Relations for information on news media requests.

Looking to engage in public speaking, advancing a charitable cause, or other non-commercial activities?  Please visit Non-Commercial Activities at Grand Central Terminal for more information.