Grand Central Terminal Operating Updates

Grand Central Terminal continues to resume operations in accordance with New York State’s reopening guidelines.

All employees, customers and visitors passing through Grand Central are still required to wear face coverings while they are in the Terminal and on trains, even if they are fully vaccinated. Violators are subject to a $50 fine and may be removed from facility or train.

We have put into place protocols to keep our customers, visitors and employees safe and healthy while at Grand Central Terminal. These protocols are detailed further down this page.

Keep checking back for the latest information and updates about the Terminal and our shops and restaurants.

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Our shops, cafes, restaurants have been reopening in accordance with New York State reopening of businesses guidelines. From our fashion, lifestyle, and beauty stores to our restaurants, delicatessens, bakers, and liquor stores, each one is ready or will soon be ready to welcome you back. Click below for the latest operating status of our stores and restaurants.

Open Store Updates


Zaro's - Family Bakery


The following Dining Concourse stores are open: Central Market New York, Frankies on the Go, Hale & Hearty, Joe Coffee Company, Magnolia Bakery, Prova Pizzabar, Shake Shack, Tartinery, and Zaro’s Family Bakery. For information about individual stores and opening hours please click here.

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We request that visitors social distance by 6 feet or more where possible in and around Grand Central. To assist, floor decals indicating safe social distancing have been placed across the Terminal including at the Information Booth, the Station Master’s Office, at any open ticket window, at ticket vending machines, and at restroom entrances.

Floor decals in Main Concourse


Everyone entering Grand Central Terminal must still wear a face mask or covering, even if you are fully vaccinated.

All pedestrian entrances to and from the Terminal are open, although some are only open at certain hours, either listed below or posted inside the Terminal.

  • 105 East 42nd Street (Subway)*
  • Vanderbilt Avenue & 42nd Street
  • MetLife Building*
  • Graybar Passage*
  • Vanderbilt Hall
  • North End Access (Weekdays only, 6:30am–10:00am & 4:00pm–7:00pm)
  • Lexington Passage

*These entrances are not subject to restricted opening hours.


Metro-North weekday services are now arriving and departing from both the upper and lower level tracks.

All weekend services continue to operate from the upper level only.

Visit for the latest train service updates and schedules.

Accessible Entrances


89 East 42nd Street

New York, NY 10017

M101 M102 M103 M1 M2 M3 M4 Q32 M42

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