• Take a tour! You can see the most famous Terminal in the nation up close and personal on a grand tour.
  • Head upstairs if you’re looking for dinner under the stars at Cipriani Dolci or a cocktail at The Campbell.
  • Head downstairs if you’re looking for a quick bite in the Dining ConcourseShake Shack burger or a memorable meal at the historic Oyster Bar & Restaurant, anyone?
  • Head to Grand Central Market if you’re looking for a unique shopping experience. Get all the ingredients for a great meal at local vendors like Murray’s CheeseEli Zabar’s Farm to Table, and Pescatore Seafood Company.
  • Stop by the Information Booth in the Main Concourse for up-to-date information about the Terminal.
  • Accessibility: The Terminal is accessible to visitors with disabilities. It has public elevators and ramps to help visitors get around without the use of stairs. Please check our directory for exact locations. The Terminal does not provide wheelchair rentals.
Did You Know 1 - Chandeliers


A ton above you? Each of the chandeliers in Vanderbilt Hall weigh 2500 lbs. and glow with 132 bulbs surrounded by carved oak leaves.

Did You Know 4 - Black brick


Grand Central underwent a complete renovation in the 1990s during which the Main Concourse ceiling was cleaned. If you follow the claw of Cancer on the ceiling to the corner, you can see a black brick—a reminder of what the ceiling used to look like before it was cleaned.

Did you know 7 - The Main Concourse windows


The Main Concourse windows are over 60 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Before central air conditioning, they opened to allow air flow in the Terminal.

Did You Know 2 - Clocks


The clocks in Grand Central are set by the atomic clock in the Naval Observatory in Bethesda, Maryland. They are accurate to within 1 second every 20 billion years!

Did You Know 3 - Vanderbilt Tennis


You can play tennis in Grand Central Terminal! Vanderbilt Tennis Club is located on the 4th floor and overlooks Park Avenue.

Did you know 8 - Slope the ramps


When constructing Grand Central, engineers labored over plans to perfectly slope the ramps between the upper and lower levels. Commuters found the slope caused them to walk at a brisk pace down the ramps, and the expression “I’ll be ramping” became popular soon after Grand Central’s 1913 opening.

Did you know 6 - Grand Central Market


Grand Central Market, a European-style marketplace, has 13 different local vendors selling everything from seafood and cooking spices to cheese and deli meats to cupcakes and jams.

Did You Know 5 - GCT name


Grand Central Terminal goes by many names, including Grand Central, the Terminal, and GCT. Just don’t call us “Grand Central Station”—that refers to the US Post Office down the street or the subway station below.

The Holidays at Grand Central

There are many reasons why over 1 million people visit the Terminal every day during the holiday season from November to December. Visitors come to shop the annual Holiday Fair and The Shops at Grand Central, and dine at one of Grand Central’s amazing restaurants and bars. The building is also decked out in holiday cheer including wreaths, garland, and festive lighting on the Pershing Square Viaduct on 42nd Street.

Shop & Dine

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89 East 42nd Street

New York, NY 10017

M101 M102 M103 M1 M2 M3 M4 Q32 M42

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