Private Parties

Bring Your Party to Grand Central

Did you know Grand Central Terminal is home to four beautiful fine dining restaurants, a refined cocktail bar, a Nordic food hall, and a casual pizza bar? Book your next party at one of our restaurants! Please contact each restaurant directly for reservations.

dinner table for private parties


Michelin-starred, season-driven Agern restaurant features farmed and wild ingredients from the New York State region exposed to time-honored techniques, and flavors rooted in Nordic Cuisine.

Located in the Shuttle Passage between Beverage Bar and Danish Dogs. More >>

Call to book: (646) 568-4018

The Campbell Bar

The Campbell Bar is an iconic New York institution, thoughtfully restored to its original grandeur by Gerber Group. Gerber Group’s selection of classic and modern cocktails, that highlight fresh ingredients, wines and locally brewed craft beers, are complemented by a menu of elevated bar fare and lunch specialties, including small plates, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Located on the balcony level. Entrance at 15 Vanderbilt Avenue or from the elevator on the Oyster Bar Ramp. More >>

Call to book: (212) 297-1781

Cipriani Dolci

Cipriani Dolci features Northern Italian cuisine in a simple, pleasant setting with knowledgeable, friendly service and a wonderful view of the busy main concourse.

Located on the balcony level overlooking the beautiful Main Concourse. More >>

Call to book: (212) 973-0999

Guests dining at Cipriani

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant

The oldest restaurant in Grand Central, Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant is a landmark that has one of the largest and freshest seafood menus including in the city. Here, you’ll find 25 types of fish and up to 30 varieties of oysters, along with other seafood specialties.

Located next to the Dining Concourse. Saloon Entrance from the Shuttle Passage. More >>

Call to book: (212) 490-6650

Dinner tables with guests at the Oyster Bar and Restaurant at Grand Central

Great Northern Food Hall

Great Northern Food Hall brings culinary concepts, flavors and ideas rooted in the history and the landscapes of the Nordic countries. Claus Meyer is the founder of Meyers, which launched many influential restaurants and other food projects in Denmark. He is also co-founder of noma, a Copenhagen restaurant that has four times been rated the best in the world, and he initiated the New Nordic Cuisine Movement. In 2010, he founded the Melting Pot Foundation, because he believes that social change can be driven by food – using the tools of entrepreneurship, education, and deliciousness.

Located in Vanderbilt Hall West with a seating area in the back available for large or private parties. More >>

Call to book: (646) 568-4020

bar at the Great Northern food Hall

Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C.

Perfectly charred steaks, pristine seafood, lush desserts and classic dishes are all a part of the far-reaching menu at Michael Jordan’s The Steak House NYC, with New York Strip, Filet Mignon and Porterhouse being the heroes of all steak cuts. The iconic bar has become a famous gathering place for social interaction while relaxing with a drink or dinner, and has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, television shows and movies.

Located on the North and West balconies overlooking the beautiful Main Concourse. More >>

Call to book: (212) 655-2300

Tables for guests at the Michael Jordan The Steak House NYC

Prova Pizzabar

Celebrity chef and iron chef Judge Donatella Arpaia is launching Prova Pizzabar, opening in the Dining Concourse at Grand Central Terminal. Using the highest water content, longest proofing process, and most authentic Italian ingredients, she has crafted a purely-delicious pizza. You’ll also be able to enjoy award-winning meatballs, pasta, craft cocktails, and more in the warm and rustic full-service dining room, bar, or for takeaway.

Full bar and dining area within the Lower Level Dining Concourse. More >>

Call to book: (212) 972-0385

Tables for quest at the Prova Pizzabar restaurant