Graybar Kiosks

Shop Small, Local Businesses Inside Grand Central Terminal

Shop the kiosks in Grand Central Terminal’s Graybar Passage for local NYC designers and jewelry makers and other unique pop-up shops. Shops rotate on a quarterly basis, so there is always something new to find at these small businesses in the heart of Midtown Manhattan!

Our Current Kiosks

Ambica New York

Ambica New York was started by Ambica, a GIA certified jewelry designer with years of experience crafting specialized pieces for the high-end and fashion jewelry markets. Ambica started sketching intricate designs as a child, soon learning basics of jewelry designing and hand crafting pieces for friends and family. Soon her work got recognition and she began designing jewelry professionally. In keeping with her international background, Ambica’s passion is to combine various exotic influences, including those from the Far East, with European aesthetics to craft pieces that transcend cultural tastes and contain both arresting beauty and an element of mystery.

Meghan Patrice Riley

Meghan Patrice Riley jewelry was founded in 2009 by designer MPR to create wearable, sculptural jewelry. With a background in math and geometry, the collections are inspired by a thoughtful balance of shape and form. Each piece is crafted by hand in her Brooklyn studio mixing traditional metals with textile techniques. MPR experiments with classic, quotidian materials like industrial ball chain, electrical wire, safety pins to reinterpret them and combine them with fine metals and semi-precious stones to create industrial jewelry that is still retains a femininity and fineness. The resulting collections are about creating a new everyday uniform and appreciating those moments to play dress up.


Moleskine brand is synonymous with culture, travel, memory, imagination, and personal identity–in both the real world and the digital world. It is a brand that encompasses a family of nomadic objects: notebooks, diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories, dedicated to our mobile identity. Objects that follow us everywhere we go and identify us wherever we are in the world. Moleskine objects are partners for the creative and imaginative professions of our time.


PHLD was started by Jon Nelsen and his partner Ebony when they realized there was a tremendous void in men’s fashion jewelry. PLHD brings a streetwear lifestyle to jewelry, making it affordable, and of course, dope.


The daughter of Dutch parents, Saskia de Vries was the first person in her family to be born in America. This feeling of duality – of being rooted in multiple places – is what inspired Saskia to channel different characters through her work as an actress. And it is what continues to inspire the beautiful designs she creates for her company, SASKIA.
Informed by the travels she has taken with her husband and business partner Scott, Saskia’s pieces – from necklaces to earrings to bracelets – reflect a desire to connect the world through beauty. In her original designs, made with hand-selected materials from around the world, Saskia shares the stories of the places she has visited and makes connections that bring the world a little bit closer together.

Victoria Bekerman

Victoria Bekerman is an Argentinean born, NYC based jewelry designer. She creates delicate jewelry with a subtle edge. Her aesthetic is very distinctive, a mix of classic minimalism with a little rock and roll. The pieces are meant to be worn everyday and they really shine when they are layered.

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