Graybar Kiosks

Shop Small, Local Businesses Inside Grand Central Terminal

Shop the kiosks in Grand Central Terminal’s Graybar Passage for local NYC designers and jewelry makers and other unique pop-up shops. Shops rotate on a quarterly basis, so there is always something new to find at these small businesses in the heart of Midtown Manhattan!

Our Current Kiosks

Carnelian Knoll

Exquisite materials. Captivating designs. Masterful craftsmanship. These are what make the necklaces, bracelets and earrings of Carnelian Knoll so alluring. Owner/designer Julie Siegmund seeks out distinctive beads, new and vintage, from around the world. With her impeccable design sense and nimble fingers she fashions from this rich stock a wonderfully enticing smorgasbord of wearable art. The timeless Carnelian Knoll collection complements both contemporary and classic wardrobes for someone you cherish.

Desideri Designs

Desideri Designs is a NYC-based jewelry brand. She is known for creating luxurious, classy but still wearable, totally unique pieces of jewelry. Her collection includes the use of Swarovski crystals and precious metals.

Judith Haas

Dutch artist Judith Haas creates jewelry and fine art using gold, silver, bronze, and semi-precious stones. Her work is characterized by finely crafted textures and unfinished surfaces, in contrast with colorful patinas that reflect her passion for art and design history, as well as the industrial environment surrounding her Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio.

Loella Medina

Loella Medina is a line of intricate yet delicate jewelry designs inspired in part by Loella’s Caribbean heritage and travels but mostly by her desire to create something timeless and beautiful. Her designs, featuring rich textures and drool-worthy gems, are made to subtly captivate attention. Stop by her Graybar Passage kiosk to check out her weekly new offerings. We will be happy to help you find the right piece of jewelry for you!

Sara Designs

New York-based Sara Bar is a designer who can’t hold back her creativity. After establishing a jewelry and watch brand, known for bold coloring and intricate details, her designs will now adorn your head. This year, she collaborates hand-to-hand with aboriginal Ecuadorian women on a unique hat collection, giving 800-year-old traditions a voice.

Her worldly inspiration has long been fueled by a desire to travel and embrace different cultures, which began during summer trips to Paris in her youth. Surrounded by the couture craftsmanship of Parisian women, she developed an eye for high-quality materials and tailored designs.

These sensibilities were sharpened during her studies at design school and, after she graduated with honors, she traveled around the globe for a year. During this momentous journey, she began acquiring materials that would be used for her very first collection. Today, Sara still gathers inspiration and materials from her world travels, but maintains production in her NYC design studio, surrounded by female artisans who share her quest for perfection.

Victoria Bekerman

Victoria Bekerman designs and makes classic and elegant jewelry, with a subtle edge to them. She is a New Yorker originally from Argentina. Her work shows her clean, chic aesthetic, and she brings her diverse experiences alive through the designs.

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