Still Photography/Film Permit Application

This Permit Application shall be used for small and self-contained Film/Photography shoots within the general public areas.

    You hereby assume all risks involved in the use of Grand Central Terminal (“GCT”) under this Permit Application and You shall indemnify and hold harmless Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“MTA”) and Metro-North Railroad (“MNR”), their members, directors, officers, agents and employees from any and all claims and demands of third parties (including agents, servants, employees or contractors of MTA/MNR and/or You) including, but not limited to, those for personal injuries (including death), loss, theft or damage of or to any of Your or a third party’s property, equipment or materials, real property damages, infringement of intellectual property rights, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, defamation, or misappropriation or misuse of image, arising out of or resulting from Your activities under this Permit Application or arising out of or resulting from any acts or omissions hereunder on the part of You, Your officers, employees, agents, contractors, guests, invitees or those doing business with You.
    Each application requires a non-refundable $250 application filing fee. The non-refundable $250 application filing fee is separate from any licensing fees that may be incurred for a commercial usage.


    Terms and Conditions
    1. You agree that the film and/or photography performed hereunder shall be used solely for the purpose identified herein and for no other purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of the MTA/ MNR.
    2. This Permit Application is subject to the condition that all photography or filming shall be conducted only at such times and under such conditions as may be approved by the MTA Filming & Events representative or designee to ensure that the same can be conducted without interfering with the safety and security of MTA/MNR and/or its members, directors, officers, agents and employees or other activities and operations at GCT.
    3. You agree that: (a) Your use of the Location is on a non-exclusive basis contemporaneously with use thereof by the general public or other lessees or permittees of MTA/MNR or contractors or stakeholders at the GCT;
    (b) You shall have no right to indicate any sponsorship, endorsement, partnership, connection, or affiliation between You and MTA/MNR or between You and GCT without MTA/MNR’s prior written consent; (c) You shall have no right to exploit the image or likeness of GCT; (d) You shall have no right to use or exploit any MTA/MNR or third party trademarks without such trademark owner’s consent; and (e) You shall not, and shall not purport to authorize others to, affix, produce, display, publish, distribute or sell Your filming or photography made under the Permit Application in connection with any goods, services or materials for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
    4. You acknowledge that MTA/MNR shall have no obligation to keep the Location, or any portion thereof, guarded, attended or patrolled and You further acknowledge that MTA/MNR will have no liability of any kind whatsoever for loss, theft or damage of or to any of Your property, equipment or materials or for which You are responsible for.
    5. You shall (and shall compel Your officers, employees, agents, contractors, guests, invitees and those doing business with You hereunder to) observe and comply with (a) any and all applicable present and future governmental laws, rules, regulations, requirements, orders and directions which may pertain or apply to Your activities hereunder; (b) the GCT Rules and Regulations; (c) security procedures; and (d) any applicable MTA/ MNR insurance requirements.
    6. This Permit Application may be terminated by MTA/MNR without cause upon one (1) days’ notice; however, MTA/MNR may immediately terminate this Permit Application if You fail to observe or are not in compliance with any of the terms and conditions of this Permit Application. Termination shall not relieve You of any obligations which have accrued on or prior to termination.
    7. You shall not assign this Permit Application or any of Your rights or obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of MTA/MNR. This Permit Application shall be binding upon, and/or inure to the benefit of, all Your partners, partnerships, subsidiaries, parent corporations and affiliates, and all of their respective predecessors, successors, assigns, heirs, legal representatives, officers, directors, shareholders, agents and employees.
    8. Neither MTA/MNR nor any officer, agent, or employee thereof, shall be charged personally by You with any liability, or held personally liable to You under any term or provision of this Permit Application, or because of its execution or attempted execution, or because of any breach, or attempted breach, thereof.
    9. This Permit Application shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. You agree that any action at law or equity arising out of this Permit Application, including to enforce of the terms of this Permit Application or to seek a remedy for breach thereof, shall be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction located in the County of New York of the State of New York.
    10. You represent and warrant that you or the individual executing this Permit Application on your behalf has full and complete legal authority and capacity to bind You to its terms and conditions.
    11. In connection with Your use of the photos and/ or video taken hereunder on social media, You agree to the following:
    Tag GCT social media handles in all posts on social media:
    GCT Instagram: @grandcentralnyc
    GCT Twitter: @GrandCentralNYC
    GCT Facebook: @GrandCentralTerminal
    Use the Location Tag "Grand Central Terminal" and Hashtag #ShareGCT in all Instagram posts.